The Truth Behind Your Lack of Motivation

The Truth Behind Your Lack of Motivation

Motivation is one of the biggest buzzwords on the internet. Indeed, the whole concept of motivation has spawned an entire industry in itself. Countless motivational speakers and books tell us that we need to be “motivated” to accomplish anything in life.

As a result, when you experience a lack of motivation, you conclude something must be wrong. You look at successful people on the internet who appear highly motivated. And so you say to yourself:

“Why do I have no motivation to do anything?”

Most people think that motivation is purely psychological. Now, there is a mental element to being self-motivated. However, the physical aspect is just as important.

In this article, I’m going to show you the truth behind your lack of motivation. I’ll also show you why your low motivation has as much to do with your physical fitness as it does your mindset.

No Motivation to Do Anything: My Story

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a go-getter. Energy has never been a problem for me. I always knew that if I wanted to achieve something, as long as I had enough energy I could do it.

This was the case throughout my life until I reached my late 20s. I was 28 years old and had everything going for me. I was in a fulfilling relationship, and had a promising career in London at an investment bank.

On the surface everything seemed great. But in the background of my life, something was not quite right. Over the course of a year I gradually became less interested in life.

Things I used to feel passionate about were no longer enjoyable for me. Before, I was a very sociable person. I enjoyed going for meals and drinks with friends. Whereas now, I preferred to stay at home and be alone.

The worst thing about the whole thing was that I couldn’t explain where my low motivation came from.

I recall lying in bed one Saturday morning with my girlfriend. We had made plans to go into London for the day, and she was trying to motivate me to get out of bed. But I didn’t want to. All I wanted to do was lie there.
I felt so listless and empty; as though I had been enveloped by a black cloud.

This feeling stayed with me for months on end. It followed me around everywhere I went. And it got to the point where I was just going through the motions in life:

The standard existence for most city dwellers goes something like this:

Wake up, go to work, go to the gym, go home, eat dinner and sleep.

Except in my case, I was living, but I didn’t feel ALIVE; I felt like a passenger in my own life.

I was a shadow of my former self, and I desperately wanted to go back to who I was – the happy go lucky, driven man I knew myself to be.

Yet, I had no motivation to do anything and felt powerless to change the situation. I did have moments of drive and inspiration. However, they never lasted long enough for me to harness and make meaningful change.

Low Testosterone: The Cause For My Lack of Motivation?

I had resigned myself to my situation. I concluded I was just not a “motivated” person. Perhaps I was simply a negative person and this was my default state of mind?

But that didn’t stop me from trying to change it.

I had felt this way for several months, and couldn’t carry on living like this. Although now it was not just the lack of motivation that was the problem – I felt utterly depressed about the whole situation.

I spent countless hours reading books and trawling the internet to find out why I lacked motivation. Maybe I was depressed? Nevertheless, I knew what depression felt like and this wasn’t it. It had to be something else.

One thing that came up during research as a potential cause for my low motivation was hormonal imbalance. Specifically; low testosterone. Apparently, low testosterone (low T) or hypogonadism, could cause you to feel depressed, unmotivated and feel like you no longer enjoy life.

That was me down to a tee.

Although part of me secretly hoped this wasn’t the issue. I mean, how could a young man in the prime of life possibly have low testosterone?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy For a Guy in His 20s?

In the end, I decided to take a blood test to find out if low testosterone was the cause of my problem. I went to the local hospital and got the results back a few days later.

But I wasn’t prepared for what came next…

I had the testosterone levels of an 80 year old man!

I was dumbfounded and lost for words. Nonetheless, to make sure it wasn’t an anomaly, I went and took another blood test.

A similar result came back. I knew it was likely I would have to go on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). In fact, I was sure it was the only way I could regain my motivation for life once again.

I simply had no motivation to do anything – I needed to do something.

Subsequently, after much deliberation and soul-searching, I decided to undergo TRT. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was the right one ( I go into more detail about the process in my book Optimized Under 35).

Suffice to say, I had exhausted all other options available to me. My diet was good, I didn’t drink alcohol, smoke, nor take drugs. I also lifted weights multiple times a week.

Yet here I was with low testosterone.
Eventually, I went to see a doctor and got a prescription for testosterone replacement therapy at the age of 28.

To say that undergoing TRT was life-changing would be an understatement.

My libido, strength in the gym, overall energy levels; pretty much EVERYTHING improved.

But one of the main things that improved once I optimized my hormonal profile was my motivation. I felt alive once again and driven to go out and accomplish things.

No longer did I want to stay in bed and bemoan my situation or pity myself. I was energized from the moment I woke up until my head hit the pillow at night.

Of course, like any human being, I still had my down days. That’s simply a fact of life. However, they became few and far between. Loss of motivation couldn’t hold me back anymore.

Ever since then, my life has gone from strength to strength.

Your Lifestyle is Killing Your Motivation

There is absolutely a physiological component to motivation. For example, if you have low testosterone; no matter what you will have no motivation.

However, I want to stress while TRT was the right choice for me, that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. I get messages daily from guys who want to take testosterone because they think it’s going to change their lives.

But here’s the thing:

Taking testosterone, or any other pill or supplement for that matter is not some magic bullet that will make all your problems disappear.

What these people don’t realize is that their terrible diet and lifestyle habits are the reason they lack motivation. Your body was not designed to consume sugar-laden, processed crap.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you’ll feel unmotivated and depressed if you put garbage in your body.

Eating natural, whole foods is the key to feeling energetic and motivated.

Your health is your currency and determines your source of, or lack of motivation.

Similarly, if you’re not exercising regularly and generally looking after your body, I guarantee you’re going to feel like shit.

If you haven’t looked at your eating habits and lifestyle as the source of your low motivation, do so now.

The Cold Truth Behind Your Lack of Motivation

We’ve looked at the hormonal, dietary and lifestyle aspects behind lack of motivation. Now let’s take a look at the psychological component to motivation.

Nowadays, people use “lack of motivation” as an excuse for why they’re not doing the things they want.

However, in truth, motivation is not the source problem. Instead, people who complain they have no motivation are often busy playing victim.

They want to blame circumstances for their problems. Therefore, “lack of motivation” becomes a ready made excuse.

But the thing about motivation is this: it comes and goes. You can never rely on it, because often you may not have any at all.

Therefore, you must learn to act in spite of motivation. For example, if I relied purely on “motivation” to go to the gym, then I would never go. In most instances, I simply don’t feel like working out.

Most people are under the illusion that people who are fit have limitless motivation. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even when I don’t feel like training, I make myself go anyway. Because I know the rewards are far greater than giving into the whims of my body.

And what’s the alternative? Stay home watch Netflix or jack off to some porn, then feel depressed like 95% of the population?

No thanks.

Here’s another thing. If you lack motivation, you need to stop trying to find it in external sources. Reddit motivation and YouTube motivational videos may give you a short boost for an hour.

But then what? You’re back to square one. The burning fire and drive that makes you go after the things you want in life comes from within.

Not from some magical motivation elixir. 

If you have time, I recommend you take 25 minutes out today to watch the video below. It may change your life. That is, if you take action on it.

The video is by Andrew Tate, a three time world kickboxing champion. He goes into detail about what it takes to develop a successful mindset. And that means a mindset doesn’t rely exclusively on self-motivation.

Tate’s message is not for everyone, because he talks in an extremely direct and unfiltered manner.

In my opinion, people are only turned off by it because he tells the truth. And that’s life – most people simply don’t want to hear the truth.

Final Thoughts

By now you should have a clear understanding that your lack of motivation is as much physical as it is mental.

Your level of motivation to succeed and accomplish things in life is directly correlated with your health and fitness.

That means, if you don’t take the time to look after your body through proper nutrition and exercise, you will be depressed and have no motivation.

In addition, you must cultivate the kind of mindset that means you can act even when motivation is not present. And most of the time it won’t be.

But when it does appear, it will be like a shot in the arm for you. Because you’re already used to operating and succeeding without it.

If you think that low testosterone, brain fog, low energy are holding you back in life and you want to fix it without resorting to medication, contact me about my coaching.

We’ll come up with a strategy to get you motivated and back on track through diet and lifestyle changes.

P.S. Check out my 28 Day Transformation Program to help you get your motivation back.