120 Days to Fully Optimized? Yes Please

Over the past few years I’ve coached dozens of men through fatigue, low testosterone, broken sleep, brain fog, weight loss, muscle gain, and even helped one guy discover he had cancer before it could become life-threatening. 

So when it comes to optimizing men’s health, there aren’t many things I haven’t come across. Which is great news for you!

Recently, several guys have asked me what actually happens behind the scenes with my coaching.  

So I decided to share he process I use to take men who struggle to get out of bed in the morning, can’t think straight because of crippling brain fog, and can’t remember the last time they had morning wood to jumping of bed every day, razor sharp mental clarity and tearing their wife’s clothes off.

In the article I'm going to show you exactly how my 120 day Fully Optimized coaching system works. So are you ready to find out what it takes to get Fully Optimized?

“Why 120 days? Doesn’t it take YEARS to get results?”

When I say that I need 120 days to teach you everything you need to know, it often elicits skepticism. And I get it; in fact, that’s what many of my clients used to think.

Yet, they’re shocked to see how quickly they can lose weight (on average 5-7 lbs a month), while destroying limiting beliefs and crushing their workouts.

I help clients achieve mental and physical transformation in two key ways:

- The first is through constant feedback coaching that helps clients rapidly see results in all areas including nutrition, training and their lifestyle. 

- The second is through a comprehensive blood panel that tests over 80 different markers. This allows us to be surgically precise with any nutrition or lifestyle recommendations I make.

Here’s what happens the moment you become a client:

Day 1-14 Immediate results

First off, we’ll perform what I call an “optimization audit.” I’ll ask you to fill out a detailed lifestyle questionnaire so I have a good understanding of your medical history, supplementation and sleep patterns.

I’ll also ask you to keep a food log prior to our on-boarding call, which means I can identify the holes in your diet. This gives me a good idea of your current relationship with food, as well as what habits and behaviors we need to work on. From there, we can formulate a strategy to plug the gaps. 

For most people, diet is the biggest confusion. And at the same time, it’s the most important area of fitness and nutrition – accounting for up to 90% of the results.

Results vs excuses

If you only come away with one thing from my program, it should be a solid grasp of nutrition, and above all, how it relates to you. 

And here's where my approach differs from other coaches. You see, most trainers out there are focused on calorie-counting and workouts. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, these things can work. But in my experience, they still leave money on the table; because they don’t actually know what’s going on inside your body.

For example, doing blood work may help us identify you have an autoimmune thyroid condition (where the body attacks the thyroid gland), meaning we have to make very specific changes to your diet to minimize the condition. 

What’s more, I don’t want you to rely on me forever – I aim to teach my clients. That means instead of ordering you around like a drill sergeant, leaving you confused about what works, you’ll learn how to do it yourself.

Because let’s face it, the internet is a mind fuck when it comes to diet. Carbs or no carbs, broccoli or not, eggs or not, red meat or not, alcohol or no alcohol. The list goes on…

As a busy guy who’s already stressed from work and family matters, you have little time to figure this stuff out, let alone put it into practice! So how do I teach this to clients you ask?

Metabolic Flexibility

I teach nutrition to my clients using a concept known as ‘metabolic flexibility.’ 

Metabolic flexibility can be defined as allowing your body to utilize the best fuel source available (preferably from solid, whole foods) to fuel its energy demand. This is a concept Jay Campbell and I discuss in depth in our book, Living a Fully Optimized Life.

Understand, there is no such thing as the “best diet”, there are only foods that work for you. Period.  Blanket statements about paleo, keto, intermittent fasting or other such nonsense being the best diet don’t take into account your unique biochemistry.

For example, if you’re a busy entrepreneur who works until 10PM every night and you’re stressed out most of the time, then intermittent fasting is probably not the right choice for you. 

Fasting stresses the body (due to calorie restriction), therefore, adding more to someone who is already stressed will be detrimental to their health and performance. 

Metabolic flexibility means I provide clients with a framework within which they can eat, e.g. a specific macro target or certain types of foods based on their requirements, allergies, etc. 

That means if they can only eat two meals a day, we’ll make it work. Or let’s say they’ve had a stressful day at work and have no meals prepared (life happens), I teach them how to make good food choices even when options are limited. 

Essentially, I help them cut through all the confusion and bullshit out there. A good understanding of nutrition, and specifically how it relates to you, is the primary factor behind our success. Subsequently, clients tend to see results within the first few weeks of working together.

Day 14-30: Tweak and optimize

As part of our “optimization audit”, all Fully Optimized clients take a comprehensive blood panel that tests over 80 different health markers.

The main difference between the test I do and a normal lab test is that it has five “functional” ranges that distinguish between optimal and suboptimal. 

Functional blood test overview

This is the kind of detailed information you won’t get from your doctor.

A normal testosterone test

A typical lab report that gives you a reference range of 264-916 ng/dl, but doesn’t tell you anymore than that.

Functional testosterone range

The functional test that my clients take gives you a lot more clarity on your health.

A normal lab test lumps you into one reference range and tells you you’re “normal” – even when you feel anything but.  Testing your blood using a functional lab test is an amazing tool to know exactly what is going on at a cellular level. 

If we have that information, we can be much more specific when designing our nutrition plan. Now, we can still produce top notch bespoke plans without the panel, but it takes some trial and error to get things right.

Whereas testing cuts straight to the chase and shows us any particular health issues that may need support from the nutrition side of things, which we may not see without it.

Blood testing also means we can get people results much quicker because we know exactly what you need from day one.  We’ll continue to tune your nutrition as we go, so you’re able to do all the things you shouldn't’ and still progress…

A glass of wine after a hard day’s work? → Check

Pizza with the family? → Check

Isn’t this bad you ask? Not when you understand the power of Metabolic Flexibility and how to use it.

Day 30-60: Optimized Mindset

We’ll spend an entire month developing your mindset. Your mindset can be defined as your current set of assumptions, thought patterns and beliefs.

Your current thoughts and beliefs are what got you to where you are now. So, it stands to reason that if you want a better outcome, i.e. improved energy and vitality, increased libido, weight loss, etc, then you’ll need to modify many of your existing beliefs.

Staying in top notch shape year round has as much to do with your mindset as it does with how many calories you eat. I’ll show you how to make sure that you stick with your training and diet even when the bullets start flying. 

That means if you have to pull an all nighter at work, spend the weekend with your kids, or it’s your aunt's birthday, you can still have a piece of cake, drink a beer and enjoy yourself WITHOUT sabotaging your results.

And the way you achieve this is through an Optimized Mindset. This will give you an unprecedented level of freedom that will not only help you to make better food choices, but means you’ll always feel confident taking your shirt off, in bed, at the beach, at your-in-laws (OK maybe not..) or whatever.

Day 60-90: Optimized Evening Slumber

You know the feeling you get when you’re well rested and you wake up the next day feeling like a king? That’s what I aim to help my clients achieve every single day.

Many clients have long-standing sleep issues before they come to me, such as difficulty falling asleep (it shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes), waking up multiple times a night or feeling groggy in the morning. 

Often, they’ve spent thousands of dollars with “specialists” who can’t find anything wrong. Our bodies know exactly what’s best for us. 

My goal is to help you tap into this innate intelligence and balance your natural circadian rhythm, so that you no longer struggle to fall asleep, wake up every night or feel groggy when you get up each morning. 

We achieve this WITHOUT the need for medication and through sustainable lifestyle changes. 

Day 90-120: Stress less

Pretty much all my clients have one thing in common: A ton of stress. Often because they’re busy professional men who have to juggle their career and family responsibilities, which comes at the expense of their health.

I equip my clients with the tools they need to deal effectively with stress. This may involve teaching them how to meditate properly, journal or simply allocate more time for themselves each day. 

These are simply examples and they may or may not apply to you. This is an individual process, which is why we work together to figure out what’s best for you. 

That means whether you get into an argument over bonuses at work or with your spouse, you can handle it and it doesn’t derail your day, week or month. 

Daniel Kelly de-stressed

I am thoroughly de-stressed in this photo!

Roll with the punches

The framework of my Fully Optimized coaching system is extremely flexible. Which means while everyone has different needs, I’m still able to accommodate them, because the principles of proper nutrition, sleep, and stress management are universal to everyone –

The art form is knowing how to get them to work for you.  And because we’ve done all the heavy lifting upfront with the blood test and optimization audit, we know exactly how to do that for you. 

If you’ve been struggling with low energy, lack of libido and shitty sleep for some time, I imagine you’ve already done some investigation.

You’ve been told you’re “normal” or you’ve been told: “Here take these pills”, which you’re reluctant to do. 

I’m here to tell you that energy and vitality is your birthright and that your age or history don’t have to determine how you feel tomorrow.

Not with any gimmicks or hacks, mind you, but with real food, smart supplementation and subtle tweaks to your lifestyle. 

If any of this resonated with you, you can claim your free 30 minute Health Audit with me. On the call, I’ll share the results my clients have had, diagnose your issues a bit more, and get clear and certain on what it is that you’re stuck with.

Then, I can give you some feedback on how you can actually get to where you want to go.

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