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My Coaching will teach you: Nutrition, Customized Training, TRT and Testosterone Mindset

I remember being in a hotel and sending him a video of how my gym was like in the hotel. He then sent me within a few hours an entire work out program that I could do for the week I was there, just based on the machines and materials that was available to me within that gym. I know that he would care about you within the same extent that he cared about me.

Tanner Guzy

General practitioners are very uneducated and ignorant when it comes to these kinds of stuff. They are there to stop you from dying or fix a rash. Not really to make you feel optimized or the best you can. The way you should feel or used to feel. But Daniel is super knowledgeable. He will take all of my labs for me, even suggest more labs which I probably should have done, which my old practitioners didn’t know about.

Cody Sweet

My Coaching will teach you:


Learn the nutrition and diet habits to optimise your body composition.

Customised Training

Build strength and lean mass with a training strategy customised for you.


Discuss your TRT protocol and evaluate blood work.

Testosterone Mindset

Learn the habits and mindsets you need to adopt for your optimal health as a man.

My Transformation

What happens after 18 months of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)





How Did I Do It?

  • Nutrition: Simple method you must apply.
  • Training: Quality over quantity, wins every time. Find out what to focus on.
  • Testosterone Boost: Most guys don't realize how low their testosterone is and effecting their mental and physical health.


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